11'6" TR-X


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11'6" TR-X SUP

11'6" TR-X

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The 11’6” TR-X is designed to be stable and fast on the water, it's smooth ride and effortless speed means that it's ideal for fitness and touring. The raised fore deck sheds water and the recessed cockpit is comfortable, keeping your center of gravity low. The sleek nose that is slightly upturned and the rounded underwater shape keeps your board dryer, which means choppy water can't stop you paddling! 

The TR-X series is constructed using Amundsons' Bamboo/Carbon™ Technology. The deck is made using beautiful bamboo with a Carbon bottom which means the board is premium design without compromising on weight or strength! Bamboo/Carbon™ are 10%-12% lighter than other Amundson Rhino-Lite™ Boards but just as tough.


  • Weight: 203 liters, 25 lbs. (11.3 kg)
  • Dimensions: 11'6" x 29" x 5.7" (350,5 cm x 74 cm x 14,5 cm) 
  • Recommended paddler weight: 170 lbs. Novice, 200 lbs. Advanced. 
  • Large easy-carry handle
  • Deck inserts for life-jacket or bag.
  • Technology: Bamboo/Carbon™
  • Amundson #58-6817052


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