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Ally Folding Canoe 15’ DR All Around

15’ All-Around

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The Ally 15' DR is designed to be stable and easily maneuvered on the water. With a slightly arched keel-line and a tall curved bow and stern, this canoe can be paddled in all conditions. Whether you like being challenged in white water or exploring rivers and flat waters this canoe is ideal for any paddler. Low-weight and high capacity this canoe is also perfect for fishing, trips and short expeditions. With a capacity of 1-2 paddlers with gear or a maximum of 3 paddlers without gear, the Ally Folding Canoe 15'DR could be used as a family canoe. So grab your paddles and get on the water! 



• The Ally Canoe is easy to assemble

• It is lightweight and foldable, which makes it easy to transport/carry long distances

• The flotation mat at the bottom is heat-insulating and shock-absorbing, ensuring that the canoe remains afloat in any situation

• The flexible construction absorbs shocks from collisions or choppy waves

• The reinforced skin is robust enough to handle impacts from rocks and other obstacles

• Very versatile and easy to paddle in all conditions

• Adjustable seats, even lengthwise, so the point of gravity can be adjusted as needed

• Ally also has a high carrying capacity, which makes it the ideal family canoe

• Norwegian design, construction and production



Length: 14' 10"

Width: 37"

Width @ Gunnel: 36"

Width @ Waterline: 33"

Depth: 14"

Bow Height: 18.5"

Weight: 40 lbs

Max Capacity: 680 lbs

Model #611


A new Ally canoe is delivered disassembled. 

This model includes the following: 
1 exterior skin, 1 floor mat, 2 seats, 2 stems (Bow & Stern), 1 keel rod, 2 gunwale rods, 3 double chine rods, 7 cross ribs, 2 straps (short and long ), 1 mallet, 1 repair kit 


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    15' DR Canoe

    Posted by Pete Starr on 2018 Oct 28th

    This boat is a sweet ride! I set it up as a solo boat for a trip down the Tischu and Keele Rivers through the MacKenzie Mountains and then down the Mackenzie River to Norman Wells. It handles beautifully in whitewater, flexing slightly so you ride down and up over surprisingly large waves without torpedoing and the hard chines caused by the rods mean you can carve turns like a dream so you can ride the wave shoulders and miss the rocks and sweeps that come up suddenly. It has a fast hull speed and tracks well on flat water and you can cut a pretty strong headwind. It is truly a joy to paddle on a river. There are only three issues of note… 1. The seat sucks and you’re kneeling on aluminum rods. I added a foam pad under my knees and a couple inches on the seat to raise it up and it was OK after that. 2. It’s a bit splashy and hard to bail. Because it flexes under weight, you're sitting in the lowest part so you’re in the soup and it’s cold. If you were out on a lake and waves came up you could get swamped by splash. Get a sprayskirt if you’re expecting waves or hard rain. 3. It sticks to rocks! They bulge up into the spaces between the aluminum rods and you stop hard and are stuck fast! Terrifying in the middle of rapids! Boulder gardens are a horror show! The Tischu was low and was a nightmare for much of it. Nothing you can do about this so pick your trips and lines well. Other than those issues I love it. It would likely be catastrophic in a wrap but it was surprisingly tough as I abused it by dragging it down boulder gardens too shallow to run. I’m giving it a 5 despite the three concerns. They are manageable or reasonable trade-offs for the fold-up ability. 
A sweet ride!