17' Flatwater

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Ally 17'DR Flatwater Folding Canoe Red

17' Flatwater

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The Ally 17' Flatwater is a high performance fast canoe that can match speeds of fiberglass and kevlar models.  The Tumble-home bottom profile and straight keel line make it track straight and prove stable in rough conditions.  The low profile and sharp shape of the bow and stern make it difficult for the wind to effect it's tracking performance.  The Ally 17 is primarily a canoe for flatwater and can be used as a tripping/expedition boat due to it's high weight capacity.  Can be used by up to 3 people with gear and can also be used solo.



• The Ally Canoe is easy to assemble

• It is lightweight and foldable, which makes it easy to transport/carry long distances

• The flotation mat at the bottom is heat-insulating and shock-absorbing, ensuring that the canoe remains afloat in any situation

• The flexible construction absorbs shocks from collisions or choppy waves

• The reinforced skin is robust enough to handle impacts from rocks and other obstacles

• Very versatile and easy to paddle in all conditions

• Adjustable seats, even lengthwise, so the point of gravity can be adjusted as needed

• Ally also has a high carrying capacity, which makes it the ideal family canoe

• Norwegian design, construction and production




Length: 16'11"

Width: 35.5"

Width @ Gunnel: 33.5"

Width @ Waterline: 32.5"

Depth: 13.5"

Bow Height: 17.5"

Weight: 45 lbs

Model #: 815


A new Ally canoe is delivered disassembled. 

This model includes the following: 
1 exterior skin, 1 floor mat, 2 seats, 2 stems (Bow & Stern), 1 keel rod, 2 gunwale rods, 3 double chine rods, 7 cross ribs, 2 straps (short and long ), 1 mallet, 1 repair kit 

External dimensions, packed (HxWxD): 44 x 20 x 16.5 Inches



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