Aluminum Gunnel



Aluminum Gunnel


Need to add some life to your older canoe? Install these gunnels and Clipper end caps and you will be ready to paddle away. (gunnels may fit other models, please contact us for further information). Clipper aluminum gunnel is almost identical to the gunnel used by Wenonah Canoe and is interchangeable. 

Available in: Silver or Black Anodized

 *DUE TO LENGTH RESTRICTIONS WE CANNOT SHIP THIS ITEM.  CONTACT THE STORE TO ARRANGE PICK-UP. If we are out of driving distance, please check with your local Clipper Dealer.

**Gunnel can be transported on almost any private truck or car. Allow up to $20 extra if we do the loading with rope and padding.

Installing Gunnel

1. Start by pre-drilling the gunnel. Place the gunnel on a piece of wood, using the small guide line on the outside of the gunnel drill every 9”. Drill on the top of the guide and use a 3/16” (#11) drill bit.

2. Set the canoe upright, preferably on a set of sawhorses and brace it so it can’t move sideways. You could also put a hook and rope on the offside so the canoe can’t tilt sideways as you work on it.

3. Spread the canoe to the proper width at center using a piece of wood or a heavy cardboard tube.

4. Modify it a bit by using a cheap putty knife, Cut the blade in half lengthways and around the corners.

5. Starting at one end of the gunnel to spread the gunnel as you push it down over the fiberglass edge of the canoe use your modified putty knife. Drill through the fiberglass every 3’ or so and put a rivet in the hole (Don’t pop it yet)

6. Once the gunnel is on both sides and with the canoe spread to the proper width, go ahead and pop the rivets.

Gunnel rivets should all be aluminum 3/16” diameter, ¼” length.




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