Beachwalker 2.0 Shoe


Beachwalker 2.0 Shoe

Beachwalker 2.0 Shoe

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Unveil the Ultimate Summer Experience with Beachwalker 2.0 Shoes - Comfort and Style in Every Step!

Dive into the summer season with Aqua Lung Sport's Beachwalker 2.0 Shoe - a perfect blend of comfort, protection, and style. This lightweight, versatile shoe is your perfect companion for all beach activities, offering excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces. Its flexible and breathable upper mesh ensures your foot stays cool and comfortable all day long. The Beachwalker 2.0's fast-drying and water-draining design is a testament to its superior functionality, while its sleek black look radiates a timeless appeal.


The Beachwalker 2.0 is made of high quality materials to ensure stability in and out of the water.


    • Flow mesh venting
    • Pull loops
    • Reinforced heel area
    • Ergonomic footbed
    • Aqua Sphere proprietary sole - flexes to follow the foots natural movement, ensuring maximum grip on slippery surfaces
    • Unisex; Gender sizing: Mens sizes


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