Blackfoot Angler Inflatable SUP


Blackfoot Angler Inflatable SUP

Blackfoot Angler Inflatable SUP

$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


With 6 Scotty® mounts within arms-reach, the Blackfoot can be outfitted to tackle any angling mission on your bucket list. D-rings in all the right places make strapping down a cooler or milk crate loaded with your tackle boxes a cinch and stability isn’t a concern given its 36? width can handle loads of up to 450lbs with ease. Industry leading stiffness, which is crucial for efficient paddling and casting, is forged through the use of premium grade drop-stitch combined with our proprietary Powerstrip™ material. As an added bonus, the teak colored EVA top deck- it is designed with a special micro slitted texture to help with reduced slipping. The Blackfoot Angler ISUP board should be inflated to 14 - 18 psi for optimum performance. As a final touch, we used the US finbox system which allows you to change out or replace the fin by visiting the first paddle store you see. Once the day’s catch is packed in the cooler for the ride home, simply deflate, roll up, slide it into its backpack and throw it in the backseat or trunk.


  • Length: 132 in/ 11 ft / 3.35 m
  • Width: 36 in. / 3 ft / 0,9 m
  • Weight: 34 lb / 15.42 kg
  • Capacity: 450 lbs / 204 kg
  • Volume: 60.8 Gallons / 230 L
  • PSI: 14-18 psi 
  • Material: Drop-stitch with extra Powerstrip reinforcements
  • Includes Crossroads: DLX Backpack and Red Double Action Pump


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