Gear of the Year 2014 – Recreational Kayaking

Gear of the Year 2014 – Recreational Kayaking

Posted by Ryan Bayes on 2014 Dec 7th

The year is almost over, and what a year it was! Recreational Kayaking is continuing to grow, and accounts for the largest segment of sales here at WCK… Here is the list of hottest items for recreational kayakers in 2014!

Recreational Kayak of the Year: This one was a no brainer, has been for years. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is again, by a large margin, our best selling recreational kayak. This always impresses me that one of the most expensive recreational kayaks is also the best seller.


The Wilderness Systems Pungo is arguably the best paddling recreational kayaker ever made, however, that isn’t the reason most paddlers are buying it… As silly as it sounds, it’s the seat! Wilderness Systems knows what paddlers want: they want comfort. The new Phase 3 Air Pro Seat delivers more adjustment and more comfort than any other seat on the market, hands down.


The Pungo is offered in 3 lengths, 10′, 12′ and 14′. The 12′ and 14′ come standard with a removable dashboard. The dashboard includes a 2-way cup holder, an integrated dry box, and pockets for granola bars, lures, or what ever else you want handy out on the water.

Recreational Paddle of the Year: Paddle of the year was so close, we’ll have to mention 2 different paddles. The Aquabound Hybrid Sting Ray has been a best seller here for years, at $140, the carbon shaft is light and strong; but the ABX fibreglass reinforced blades are the real deal-sealer here. For a plastic reinforced blade, the Sting Ray Hyrbid is smooth… real smooth… and amazingly stiff. Stiffness equals efficiency when we’re talking blades— bang for you buck, this is a great preforming paddle.


Coming in at a very close 2nd this year is Adventure Technology’s ‘Pursuit’ paddle. the Pursuit isn’t specifically as light as the Stingray, but its feature-rich ferrule system makes it a great option for paddlers looking for a paddle that can adapt to changing conditions, as well as changing paddlers. If your paddle needs to serve double duty with different family members, or clients even, the Pursuit pulls out ahead. The ferrule system on the Pursuit, unique to Adventure Technology, allows the paddler to infinitely adjust the feather of their blades–compared to a much more standard style push-button ferrel with limited options and 60 degree feathering. Probably the coolest feature of this paddle is the adjustable length: Up to 5 cms of adjustment means different paddlers can adapt the paddle to their different needs… or if you have more than one boat, this is a nice option to adjust length to suit different width kayaks.


Recreational Accessory of the Year: Another really hot item this year all (though it doesn’t get to wear the crown of best seller by any means), is the Wind Paddle Sail. If you have not seen or heard of these yet get over to and check them out! Wind Paddle Sails are the world’s easiest to use kayak/canoe/standupboard sail ever made. It easily attaches to almost any kayak, packs up small when not in use, has a window for viewing, and will make you the envy of ever paddler on your next trip, providing the wind cooperates. With 3 different sizes there is the prefect Wind Paddle Sail for just about any paddle craft.


PFD of the Year: The Salus Eddy has been our best selling PFD for a few years now. Its stylish, low profile, and offers some of the best mobility we have ever seen in a PFD. When customers have tried on PFDs time after time, the Eddy was the clear winner. Best of all, this awesome PFDs is made in Canada, we like that!Eddy-Flex-Red-275x275

Those were our hottest items for recreational paddlers this year. All these items and more are available though our new online store. If you have any questions about this gear (or any other gear for that matter), call the store and talk to one of the pros!

Stay tuned for sea kayaking, canoeing, paddle board and whitewater best sellers list.