Pictures from new Jackson Kayak Owners.

Pictures from new Jackson Kayak Owners.

Posted by Ryan Bayes on 2014 Sep 6th

Check out these awesome pictures from some happy customers out enjoying their new kayaks.

Just bought two Jackson Cuda 12 kayaks off of Laura in July.
We are having great fun with them and thought we’d toss a few photo’s back
your way.
Laura is a gem and really helped us get into the right boats for our style
of recreation.
Tell her thank you!!!
Cheers, The Bawtinheimer’s

BAWT2082-Lightning Lakes, Manning Park, BC

BAWT2198-Lightning Lakes, Manning Park

BAWT2206-Lightning Lakes, Manning Park, BC

BAWT2306-Kootenay Lake, Nelson, BC

BAWT2870-Lake Annette, Jasper, AB

BAWT2874-Lake Annette, Jasper, AB

BAWT2892-Lake Annette, Jasper, AB