Storing your canoe or kayak over the winter

Storing your canoe or kayak over the winter

Posted by Truman Proudfoot on 2014 Dec 16th

With such an extreme range of temperature and activity in our part of the world, you might come to a point this winter when you decide it’s finally time to trade your paddle for snowshoes, and put your canoe or kayak into hibernation until the spring thaw.


a cover is almost always the best way to store your boat

It’s always best if you can find a way to keep your boat sheltered from the elements; a garage, a basement, or even a covered shed can make all the difference for the longevity of your craft. —You might even choose to hang it above your mantle, a testament to adventures past. If you can’t make the room above the fireplace, and you must store your boat outdoors, make sure to keep it away from potential hazards including (but not limited to) falling trees, harsh winds, and heavy, wet snow.

Another consideration to make when choosing to store your craft outdoors is long-term exposure to harmful UV that can deteriorate and discolour materials over time. Keep your boat sheltered from the elements with a cover or tarp. If you choose to use a tarp, keep in mind the moisture held between the materials will promote mould, mildew and discolouration. It is best if the tarp in question has an open end to allow for air circulation and make sure your cover or tarp is tied down securely to your boat,   If you are looking for a long-term, quality solution for storing your canoe or kayak in, all year ’round, in-or-outdoors, consider investing in a canoe or kayak cover. Danuu Covers are made for hard wear, and when you are not using the strong cordura cover for storage, you can also use it for vehicle transport.

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Check out some danuu covers for your canoe or kayak:

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