Canoe Cribbage Board

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Canoe Cribbage: Compact, Durable, Fun

Canoe Cribbage Board

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Gaming on the Go: Canoe Cribbage

Introducing the Canoe Cribbage Board, the perfect companion for every outdoor enthusiast and board game aficionado. This compact, portable, and durable cribbage board ensures the fun follows you, whether you're camping by a tranquil lake or enjoying a quiet evening at home. Beautifully designed with a canoe theme, it not only serves as a source of entertainment but also as a charming nod to your love for water adventures. Elevate your recreational gear collection with the Canoe Cribbage Board, where the spirit of competition meets the allure of the outdoors.


Enjoy family cribbage nights in elegant, outdoor inspired style with this vintage Canoe Cribbage Board. Hand painted with attention to every detail, the canoe has always been classic symbol of outdoor adventures. With 6 color-coded plastic pegs included and a built-in storage compartment underneath, this board is sure to make a great conversation piece.

  • Made of detailed hand painted resin
  • 2 players
  • 6 pegs included
  • Add playing cards for extra-special touch


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