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Dimension Seat Back

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The "Dimension Adjustable Seat Back" is a densely padded articulating seat back that combines form and function like never before. 

Quick and easy height adjustment allows for wet entry, spray skirt attachment, rolling and transport. The fully articulating back pad encourages and enhances the complete range of a paddlers motion. All while providing superior comfort and support that will drastically increase your paddling enjoyment. 

Standard on all Kestrels, Visions, Breeze, Whilstler, Storm, Squall, and Squamish. You can easily upgrade your previous seat backs with the Dimension Seat Back in all these models as well as all of Current Designs North American Style Composite boats. 

The Dimension Seat Back can not be fitted into Current Designs British or Greenland style boats that come standard with a back band. 


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