Evolve Solar Panel

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Evolve Solar Panel

Evolve Solar Panel

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Add a solar charging panel to your evolve v2 system. Can charge the battery or run the motor indefinitely at approximately 2 knots (with optimum sun conditions). Solar panel uses dedicated plug-in on the v2 battery. 23 Watts of power for charging in best sun conditions, Weatherproof, Marine-grade connection, Ultra Light Weight, Ultra Thin, Ultra Durable, Roll for easy storage, Easy to use, Tested in salt water, Stainless Steel Grommets, Stainless Steel Rivets, Custom Built for Hobie Cat, Made in the USA. Size Unrolled: 35.55” x 26.15” / Size Rolled: 26.15” x 6.0” / Cable: 10’ / Watts: 23 Watts / Operating Amps: .75 Amps / Operating Volts: 30 Volts / Weight: 1.4 Lbs 

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