Magnetic Transducer Mount 15mm

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Magnetic Transducer Mount

Magnetic Transducer Mount 15mm

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Essential Kayak Accessory: Magnetic Transducer Mount

Enhance your kayak or canoe adventures with the 15mm Magnetic Transducer Mount. This high-end kayak equipment is a must-have for any avid paddler or angler. Crafted for durability and flexibility, it promises excellent performance in water sports, guaranteeing a secure fit for your marine transducer. Perfect for both canoe and kayak, this portable transducer mount delivers ease of installation and removal, making it the ideal accessory for your paddle sport adventures.


Paddle Smarter: 15mm Magnetic Transducer Mount

Are you looking for a solution to Mount a Transducer for your fish-finder without drilling holes or using adhesives on your boat?  Look no further the solution is here.

  • Universal fish finder transducer mount - Use with Lowrance, Humminbird, Garmin, Raymarine and other transducers fishfinder brands
  • Makes your Fish Finder portable allowing you to take your depth finder with you on rental boats and fly-in fishing trips
  • Set up your transducer in seconds on Aluminum boats, plastic boats and kayaks, fiberglass and wood boats
  • Attach your transducer on the sides of your kayak or canoe or the transom stern area of your boat with ease


Fishfinder Mounts: KIT00327


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