Adventure Island 2015+ Custom Storage Cover


Adventure Island 2015+ Custom Storage Cover

Adventure Island 2015+ Custom Storage Cover

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Hobie Kayak Custom Covers made by Danuu. Easy to install or remove, fits over the hull (like a fitted sheet on a mattress). Straps and pull string adjust for a tighter fit. Cross straps secure the cover on your hull for windy conditions. Heavy duty UV resistant canvas material in a neutral color for better aging. To help prevent distortions to the hull bottom shape, Hobie recommends that our kayak hulls be stored upside down resting on the cockpit rails. This is also best for deflecting rainwater and prevents water pooling in the cockpit or on the cover. When planning to store a hull upright, be sure to properly support the hull bottom to prevent hull distortions. Covers may not entirely cover some hulls, especially with accessories installed.

**For all other Hobie Kayak models please choose the appropriate Danuu Cover for your model.  These covers do not have the Hobie Logo.


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