K-Air II 15 PSI Inflation Adapter


K-Air II 15 PSI Inflation Adapter

K-Air II 15 PSI Inflation Adapter

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Get the exact inflation pressure for best performance in your NRS SUP board with the K-Air 15 PSI Inflation Adapter. Eliminate worry about over inflating and damaging your board. Hook the K-Air up to your K-Pump and day dream while you pump away. When the board reaches 15 psi, excess pressure is bled away, with an audible sound that lets you know it's time to paddle.


  • There's no need to keep stopping to check pressure with a gauge, the K-Air is preset to stop adding air when 15 psi is achieved.
  • If you have an air compressor, or can stop at a service station on the way to the water, there's an adapter with a standard Schrader valve (found on car and bike tires). Safely fill the board without worrying about over inflation.
  • Remember, the air in a board out of the water in the sun, or being transported to a higher elevation, can rapidly expand, creating higher pressure. Use a gauge to monitor inflation pressure during the day.
  • Includes: 15 psi module, Schrader valve adapter, K-Pump universal valve adapter, Leafield/military valve adapter
  • Product #: 80087.01

Before using the K-Air with another brand of inflatable SUP boards, check with the manufacturer to be sure the board can safely be inflated to 15 psi.


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