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Knee Guards

Knee Guards

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Thin, light and elastic, the knee guards protect you from those bumps and scratches that inevitably occur on a long day out. SAS-TEC provides shock-absorbing properties yet a slim look and feel. If you’re into long distance trail biking and want some protection, without the bulk of pads, these are the guards for you.


  • Elastic and breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Perfect fit for trail biking

How to measure for your size:

  • A: Measure 15 cm/5.9” above your knee. The measurements given is around your thigh.
  • B: The circumference of the top of the product.
  • C: The length of the product
Please note that B should be considerable smaller than A, since the product is elastic/ stretchy and needs to sit tight to stay in place.
Size XS S M L XL
  Inches Inches Inches Inches Inches
A 14.2 - 16.1  16.1 - 17.3  17.3 - 18.1  18.1 - 18.9  18.9 - 20.5
B 12.2  13  13.8  14.6  15.4
C 12.8  14 14  14   14


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