Mix Master 7.0 BLEM

Jackson Kayak

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Mix Master 7.0 BLEM - Sunrise - Top | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

Mix Master 7.0 BLEM


The Mix Master 7.0 from Jackson Kayak is the master of play boating. It slices and dices with a super-low volume, high-performance bow and stern. And the new and improved design, now mixed with better ergonomics, hull shape and overall package brings retro to modern! If you thought you could never squirt, flat-water cartwheel, bow or stern stall a boat before, think again—the Mix Master is the ultimate learning tool for those who just need something easier.

Slice & Dice: Slicey and dicey, anyone can learn to squirt in this boat and even stern stall, splat, or cartwheel!

Low Volume Bow: Super low volume bow for learning bow stalls, cartwheels, pirouettes, plowing enders and mystery moves

Cockpit Area: Slicey and low-volume, but super-comfortable for such a small boat! Jackson Kayak ergonomics make this a joy to paddle all day.

Hull Design: High-performance wave-surfing machine for small, medium or big waves.


    • Length: 6'10" | 2.08 m
    • Width: 24.5' | 62.23 cm
    • Weight: 31 lbs | 14.06 kg
    • Optimal Paddler Weight: 80 - 130 lbs | 36.2 - 58.96 kg
    • Volume: 44 U.S. Gal. / 166.6 Liters



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