Slipstream 139 Raft + Deluxe Frame


Slipstream 139 Raft + Deluxe Frame | Gray

Slipstream 139 Raft + Deluxe Frame

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The NRS Slipstream 139 Fishing Raft Packages feature the gear-hauling fishing boat. Built to handle the heavy loads of multi-day fishing adventures with plenty of room for coolers and dry boxes, plus a rower and multiple anglers.


    • Purpose-built for anglers, Slipstream rafts feature a streamlined design with deliberately placed d-rings, handles and valves to reduce weight and eliminate catch points.
    • Diminishing tube design provides more interior cargo space, easier rowing and excellent wave-punching ability.
    • Rugged PVC construction and an additional layer of PVC as a frame wear patch for long-lasting durability.
    • 4" drop-stitch floor provides a super stable platform, eliminating the need for casting platforms. Insert is protected inside a zippered PVC pocket.
    • EVA foam pad provides superior traction and grip when wet and protects the floor from hooks, studded wading boots, grit and basic wear and tear.
    • We positioned the floor valve, with a protective flap, directly under the rower for quick accessibility.
    • The modular fishing frame, thoughtfully built out specifically for the Slipstream 139, stores compactly in the off season. Easily adjust the cross member pieces for a custom fit for the rower and front angler.
    • The frame includes an internally routed anchor system that's controlled from the rower's seat for an outstanding fishing experience.
    • Deluxe Package includes everything in the Standard Package plus Cataract SGG Oars and Cataract Cutthroat Oar Blades, Fishing Rod Holder to stow (2) 9' rods, a 2:1 anchor assist pulley, anchor line and three Clampit Cup Holders.
    • Slipstream Raft holds a 5-year retail warranty, 3-year commercial.


    • Weight: Deluxe Package - 250 lbs
    • Series: Slipstream
    • Length: 13' 9"
    • Width: 6' 7"
    • Tube Diameter: 20.5"
    • Diminishing Tube Diameter: 18"
    • Number of Thwarts: 0
    • Bow Kick: 26"
    • Stern Kick: 26"
    • Number of Air Chambers: 8
    • Valve Type: Leafield - C7
    • Self Bailing: Yes
    • Type of Material: PVC
    • Weight/Denier of Tube Material: 52/2000
    • Weight/Denier of Floor Material: 52/2000
    • Bottom Wear Patch: 68/4000
    • Number of D-rings: 12
    • Number of Handles: 4
    • Center Compartment Width: 39"
    • Repair Kit: Yes
    • Warranty: 5 Years Retail, 3 Years Commercial


    • Slipstream 139 raft
    • (2) Side Rails
    • Angler Thigh hook - bow
    • Front Angler Seat and bar
    • Angler Thigh hook - stern
    • Stern Mount with Angler Seat
    • Rower Seat and bar
    • Rower Foot Brace
    • (2) 8" Oar Mounts
    • (2) Atomic Aluminum Oarlocks
    • (2) 9' Cataract SGG Oars with Rope Wrap & Stop
    • (2) Cataract Cutthroat Oar Blades
    • Anchor System: 2:1 Assist SMC CRx 1" Pulley
    • 30' Anchor line
    • Fishing Rod Holder
    • (3) Clampit Drink Holders
    • (4) 4' HD Tie-Down straps
    • Super 2 HP Pump

Notes: NRS and STAR boats are hand built by skilled craftsmen. Measurements on individual boats can vary from design specifications by up to +/- 2". Use these specs as guidelines and check your boat if the measurement is critical.


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