Oar Wood


Caviness Wood Oar

Oar Wood

100% Natural, Handcrafted Oar Wood

Upgrade your canoeing experience with Oar Wood. Our premium, handcrafted wooden oars bring an authentic touch to your water adventures. These high-performance paddles are lightweight yet durable, ensuring long-lasting use and reliability. The traditional design of our wooden oars provides a unique blend of performance and aesthetic, making them the perfect accessory for both recreational and professional canoeing and kayaking.


Embrace Tradition with Oar Wood

BW-SU Series

The BW-SU Series Oars include the Caviness® Power Grip, lightweight design, and even distribution of flex load. These characteristics are the reasons that these oars have set the American Standard.
If you want to realize more profit with continued problem free CavPro® oars, these are the oars to buy.


  • Wedge Insert
  • Red Caviness® Power Grip
  • Tri-Coat Finish
 Blade Dimensions:  21"x5"
 Shaft Diameter:  At grip: 1-3/4”, at throat 1-5/8”
 Approximate Weight:  43 oz. (6’)
 Available Lengths:  5’-8’ in 6" increments
 Wedge Insert  
 Red Caviness® Power Grip  
Tri-Coat Finish  







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