Quick Release Belt

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Quick Release Belt

Quick Release Belt

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This high performance rescue belt is built for lifejackets or PFDs that do not have a quick-release chest harness or require an upgrade from light duty belts often found on recreational PFDs.

Sturdy and reliable, this belt has a 1200 lb. rating. It comes with an easy-to-locate red bobble on the cam buckle when a fast jettison is required. The stainless steel slider operates as a friction plate, ensuring the belt release is tensioned correctly for different rescue applications. The D-ring connects to a Pig tail or Extrication Line for quick towing or when attached to a dynamic rescue line “strong swimmer”, “tagged rescue” or similar rescue techniques can be used.

Caution: This Quick Release Belt is designed to be worn at the chest area. The bottom of the belt must always be worn at least 5 cm (2 in.) above the lowest rib and adjusted to personal fit.  It should not be used as a primary closure or fitting for the PFD. Under no circumstances should the Quick Release Belt be used as a safety harness or any climbing activity.

For safety it is highly recommended that the wearer complete a certified moving water rescue and safety course prior to using this device.


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