Shockwave Spray Skirt

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Shockwave Spray Skirt

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The Shockwave Bungee Spray Skirt is a great spray skirt for beginner to intermediate whitewater kayakers, or sea kayakers looking to add rolling to their bag of tricks. The Shockwave is made with a stretchy, implosion resistant 3mm neoprene deck, a 4mm wear-resistant Supratex casing (the outside edge of the skirt), and a 3mm neoprene tunnel. It also features silicone sticky patches under the casing on each side help prevent the skirt from slipping in implosion- prone areas. All seams are glued, stitched and taped. Mid weight bungee construction is easy to put on and dry on a wide variety of cockpit rim profiles, and will stretch to fit a wide variety of boats.


    • Stretchy, implosion resistant 3mm neoprene deck
    • 4mm wear-resistant Supratex casing (the outside edge of the skirt)
    • Silicone sticky patches under the casing on each side
    • All seams are glued, stitched and taped


    • Skirt Style: Bungee
    • Cockpit Sizes Available: MD-XXL
    • Front Rim Reinforcement: None
    • Ease to get on boat (1 to 4 with 1=good; 4=best): 4
    • Dryness (1 to 4 with 1=good; 4=best): 2
    • Implosion Resistance (1 to 4 with 1=good; 4=best): 1
    • Durability (1 to 4 with 1=good; 4=best):  2


The most accurate measurement for skirt fit is the circumference of your rim taken around the outside edge of your cockpit rim. Most common rim circumferences can be found at If your boat is not listed, you can measure it with a fabric measuring tape. If you don't have a fabric tape, use a piece of string, mark it, and then measure the string. If you're feeling helpful, submit the measurement to skirtfit. It's a great website that's helping all skirt manufacturers.


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