Ski to Sea Rentals

Looking for the best possible canoe to help your Ski to Sea be a success? We have you covered.

We have four models of our Clipper Canoes to help get you through the canoe leg of the race!
Prices are for flat 4 day rentals including rental paddles and necessary safety equipment.

Clipper Canoes Yukon Fibreglass $150+tax
Clipper Canoes Tripper Fibreglass $150+tax
Clipper Canoes Tripper Kevlar $175+tax

Please read through the frequently asked questions below and send any questions using the form at the bottom of the page!


Where are you located? We are located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, about 10 minutes from the Sumas/Huntington border crossing.
How do I book my rental? To make a rental booking you will need to call our store. We require a credit card number as a deposit. We will quote you for the rental in Canadian Dollars. On May 14th your card will be charged the quoted amount in Canadian dollars. Your credit card company will be responsible for doing the exchange rate. The last chance to cancel a Ski to Sea rental is Saturday, May 12th.  Any cancellations made after that date will be subject to the full cost of the booked rental.

Can you deliver my rental? Unfortunately we aren't able to deliver rentals. They can be picked up from our storefront in Abbotsford. You must have a passport or EDL in order to cross the border.

When can I pick up my rental? You can pick up your rental canoe anytime between Thursday, May 24th and Saturday, May 26th between 9-3:30 pm. Any late pick-ups will be subject to a $25 charge for the first ½ hour and $25 for each additional ½ hour we have to stay open for you.  If you are going to be late, be sure to call us so that we can do our best to have staff available at the store. We cannot guarantee that staff will be available after 4 pm.

What information do you need for my rental? When booking the rental, make sure that the person whose name it is under is able to pick up the boat. On arrival, they will provide us with a Visa or MasterCard and driver's license for security. They will be responsible for the rental equipment and must sign a waiver agreeing to our rental terms and conditions. 

When do I need to return my rental? The Canoe(s) must be returned on Monday, May 28th.  No exceptions. Any canoes returned late will be subject to an additional day(s) rental charge that will be charged at a single day rate.

Boat transportation? If you are not returning the canoe(s) on the same vehicle it was picked up with, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is padded and secured properly as most damage to boats occurs during transport.

Is there anything I need to know for returning my rental? Please return the canoe(s) in the same clean condition it was given to you in.  If you can’t clean it at home, we will provide you with a hose and washing equipment. 

What if I need to cancel? *The last chance to cancel a Ski to Sea rental is Saturday, May 12th.*  Any cancellations made after that date will be subject to the full cost of the booked rental.




Payment: All rental charges must be paid for in full at the time of pick-up. Payment can be made with cash, debit card, Visa, MasterCard or a WCK Gift Card. Current, valid photo identification (driver’s license or passport) and credit card must be shown for all rentals.

Credit toward purchase: Up to $100 of a single rental fee may be refunded from the purchase of the same equipment within 30 days of the rental (proof of rental required). This policy does not apply to mark-down items.

Reservations: Reservations can be made up to three months in advance.  A deposit equal to the value of the first day’s rental rate will be charged upon reservation. 

Late return: Rentals returned late will be charged the one day rate for each day late.

Damage/dirty/lost policy: Renters must sign a waiver assuming the responsibility of the equipment and their personal liability.  If rental equipment is returned in dirty condition we will give you the option to clean it yourself here or to pay a $20 cleaning fee.   If rental equipment is returned in damaged condition, the renter will be responsible for repair costs. Shop rate will be charged ($100/hr), plus any parts and materials for repair. Replacement cost for lost, stolen or destroyed rental equipment is full retail value payable on return date.

To help us determine that you are looking at an appropriately sized paddle-craft.
To help us determine that you are looking at an appropriately sized paddle-craft.