Source 10' 6"


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Source 10' 6" SUP

Source 10' 6"

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The Source paddleboard is designed for everyone on the beach! Whether you want to take your kids on the water and teach them how to paddle or you don't want to leave your doggo at home, the Source 10' 6" is perfect for their first day on the water. The deckpad goes all the way to the nose and the added width means added stability. The Source 10' 6" SUP board also has added volume which means it can float heavier weights. Available in three lengths 10'6", 11' and 11'6" which means you can find the best board for you!


  • Weight: 183 liters, 27 lbs.  (12,25 kg)  
  • Dimensions: 10'6" x 32" x 4.4" (323 cm x 81 cm x  11,2cm) 
  • Deck inserts for attaching tackle boxes and coolers.
  • Technology: Rhino-Lite™
  • Amundson #58-6817030


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