Go Starshot 10'8" X 31"


Go Starshot 10'8" X 31" - Wave | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

Go Starshot 10'8" X 31"



The perfect introductory (beginner) paddle board for first time paddlers who want to paddle fast and stay dry.

A progressive, versatile shape sporting a big bottom concave and boxy rails for unmatched stability, speed and glide potential. The size ranges from length 12’0” to 10’2” accommodates all rider weights and abilities. The bigger sizes offer the most stability from the wider outline, while the shorter narrower boards are suited for lighter riders offering greater tracking and maneuverability. It’s one of the best Stand Up Paddle experiences you can have on flat water or with light wind chop.



  • Comes with 2 x beautiful Tikhine design options, designed by Sonni Honscheid.
  • Shoulder carry strap makes it easy and lighter to carry, bungee tie downs nose and tail to transport gear.
  • Australian pine on the standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity.
  • Multiple layers of high-grade fiberglass.
  • Comes with protective rail saver tape to minimizes paddle scratches.
  • FCS insert on the nose to attach accessories like a GoPro, phone holder, compass or GPS
  • Far back fin box position to improve tracking 
  • Flat standing area For extra comfort when paddling and doing yoga.
  • Bottom side plane to create a wide stable platform 
  • Deep center channel creates a flatter middle rocker for the most efficient and long lasting glide
  • 2 in 1 shoulder carry strap with velcro loop to attach your paddle (when not in use, bungee sits flat against the board



  • Length: 10'8"
  • Width: 31"
  • Thickness: 4.5"
  • Tail Width: 18"
  • Volume: 192 L
  • Rider Weight: 55 - 100 kg
  • Fin Set Up: Single, WS: Thruster
  • Fins: Center, Race 23 / ASAP 9" /22.9 cm
  • Weight: 10.6 kg


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