Steelie FreeMount Windshield Kit

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Steelie® FreeMount® Windshield Kit

Steelie FreeMount Windshield Kit

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Dock almost any phone to your windshield using patented Steelie magnetic mounting technology. This kit combines the versatility of the FreeMount bracket with the reliable Steelie Windshield Mount. Patented suction technology creates a secure hold between the Windshield Mount and windshield while the FreeMount bracket allows for adjustable viewing angles and lets anyone in your vehicle enjoy Steelie.


    • Magnetic phone mounting system with windshield mount and adjustable phone-holding bracket
    • Fits most phones with or without a case 2.24" - 3.54" wide | 57mm - 90mm
    • Adjusts and holds at any viewing angle
    • FreeMount features a powerful neodymium magnet
    • The neodymium magnet features a secure grip silicone center for smooth articulation with Steelie components
    • The neodymium magnet features a protective, non-slip outer silicone ring for strong grip to flat magnetic surfaces
    • Compatible with devices enabled with inductive charging
    • Quick release button for easy one handed device removal
    • Windshield Mount has adjustable aluminum arm with suspended Steelie ball design
    • Windshield Mount uses patented suction cup design for ultimate holding power
    • Windshield Mount features suction cup with lever for engagement/quick release
    • Includes: Windshield Mount and FreeMount with fit adjustment pads


*The Steelie FreeMount Bracket contains a strong magnet. This magnet will NOT damage your mobile device; however, do not place it near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers, or computer hard drives. Nite Ize assumes no liability for damage to such products.



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