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S18 EXP Touring


Designed off the successful S18, Stellar has optimized the construction for the rigors of expedition paddling whilst keeping the hull efficiencies. They have added a day hatch and bow deck hatch to make retrieving gear while paddling easy. The S18 Exp has a new heavy duty construction, MultiSport Expedition, derived from their durable and popular Multi-Sport lay up to withstand the heavy use of expedition paddling. All this so you can cover the miles with ease and safety.


    • Steering Line: High strength Spectra Dyneema steering line. No rusting and low stretch
    • Cockpit: Adjustable padded seat, with a water bottle holder. oval cockpit for easy entry with padded thigh braces and heel pad
    • Decks: High volume deck for larger paddlers. Cut-aways on bow deck for narrow catch and an efficient stroke. Static perimeter lne and Bungee X lines for deck rigging
    • Bow & Stern Handles: Ergonomic carry handles for a comfortable haul to and from the water
    • Foot Brace: Full 3point footboard for a powerful leg drive, responsive steering and comfortable paddling
    • Storage Compartments: Large stern hatch and medium bow hatch for 2 large water tight storage compartments, plus a rear day hatch and deck pod
    • Smart Track Hybrid Foil Rudder: Efficient steering and low drag Hydrofoil fin, with rudder keep on stern deck
    • Stability & Speed: Swede form design, where the widest point of the hull is aft of midship reducing wave drag and soft chines for great secondary stability
    • Keel Strip: Epoxied Kevlar keel strip to avoid wear and tear on the bottom of the boat



    • Length: 18' / 5.5m
    • Beam: 21.5" / 54.7cm
    • Depth: 12.6" / 32cm
    • Paddler: 5' - 6'6" / 1.5m-2m
    • Capacity: 385 lbs / 175kg
    • Cockpit W: 17.3"
    • Cockpit L: 31.9"
    • Bow Storage: 23.1 Gal
    • Stern Storage: 33.3 Gal



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