T300 Sport


Takacat Sport T300S Inflatables boat

T300 Sport

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Lightweight and Durable

Are you looking for a multipurpose inflatable boat that is strong yet light? There is no need to look past the Takacat Sport T300LS! This boat is made for stability and speed thanks to its cutting-edge catamaran design. The T300LS is the ideal option for ardent boaters who expect the finest since it is built with durable, puncture-resistant materials that can survive the rigours of heavy use.


Perfect for Fishing and Recreation

The ideal inflatable boat for fishing and leisure is the Takacat Sport T300LS. This boat is ideal for a day on the lake or a weekend fishing excursion because it has room for gear and up to four people. Because to its catamaran form, which offers outstanding stability, you may fish or unwind comfortably without being concerned about toppling over. Additionally, the T300LS is simple to transport to your preferred fishing location thanks to its lightweight design.


Quick and Easy Setup

Tired of building and pumping up your boat for hours on end? You can spend more time on the water and less time getting ready thanks to the Takacat Sport T300LS's quick and simple setup. With the accompanying foot pump, the T300LS inflates quickly, and as it is a catamaran, you won't need to worry about connecting a convoluted network of tubes and connectors. You just need to blow up the two pontoons and fasten the aluminium floors to get started.





1. Water is kept at bay and the floor is kept dry thanks to the high platform and open stern. Any water that does manage to get in will be quickly ejected out the back.

2. The revolutionary open bow design of the Takacat ensures safety and comfort when boarding and disembarking. Both the conventional hybrid fibreglass rigid floor and the high-pressure inflatable air floor offer an incredibly stable platform for boarding and disembarking from land or water.

3. Grab lines on the inside and outside of the boat provide safe handholds and enable comfortable sitting wherever.

4. Even in the face of crosswinds, the catamaran structure guarantees outstanding tracking in addition to quick and simple rowing.

5. Inflation and deflation are swift and reliable thanks to the Halkey-Roberts fill valve, while pressure release valves prevent overpressurization when placed in direct sunlight.

6. PVC that is non-slip has been used on the air deck floor for your safety and enjoyment. Over time, chalking is avoided thanks to the ultra UV stabilised material.


Boat Specifications

Overall Length 9' 10" (3.0 m)
Overall Width 5' 1" (1.5 m)
Tube Diameter 19" (45.7 cm)
Total Weight 68 lbs (30.1 kg)
Capacity 4 People / 809 lbs. (367 kg)
Recommended Outboard Engine 2.5 - 8 HP
Max HP 10 HP



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