The BC Coast Explorer Volume 1 by John Kimantas

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BC Coast Explorer Volume 1 Book by Jphn Kimantas

The BC Coast Explorer Volume 1 by John Kimantas

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Wild Coast Magazine is proud to introduce our first book in a colourful and comprehensive guide for the north and west coast of Vancouver Island.

Volume 1 covers some of the world’s best coastal exploration, from Port Hardy down the outer coast of Vancouver Island to Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Islands, including Cape Scott, Kyuquot, Brooks Peninsula, Nootka Sound, Clayoquot Sound and the Broken Group Islands – all documented in the detail you need to plan a trip.

Including all the latest BC Marine Trail information, it adds to that with dozens of new never-before documented camping locations as well as features to see practical information on how to best transit this challenging coastline. It is required reading for anyone visiting the BC coastline – or just dreaming of it.

 If you have heard of or are looking for The Wild Coast series of guide books, the BC Coast Explorer guide books are the updated and improved replacements, featuring the latest in the marine trail guide information and better cartography. Volume 1 of the BC Coast Explorer series roughly matches the geographic region covered in The Wild Coast Vol. 1.


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