Torrent PFD

Salus Marine

Salus Torrent PFD - Red

Torrent PFD

$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


The Salus Torrent was inspired by those who seek the most out of each adventure. If you've pushed yourself to the limit to feel the rush of a heart-pumping rapid, you know words can’t capture the sensation. The Torrent hugs you, bends and reaches with you, freeing you to experience your adventure to its’ fullest. Designed to attach a quick release belt and tow-line, the Torrent easily converts into the ideal guide or tripping vest.



    • Full back spinal protection
    • Uni-slide adjustment to ensure tension is equalized on both shoulders. Straps and buckles are hidden under front chest pocket
    • Knife compartment stabilizes and protects the leading edge to prevent it getting caught or dislodged
    • Biner pouch
    • Large angled front chest pocket, allowing full arm movement even when full
    • contoured and tapered back
    • Advanced lining technology in the Dry-Lex Aerospacer for optimal breathability, moisture absorption, and enhanced comfort
    • Pigtail retractor made of durable urethane coil and gear clip to keep essentials close and quick at hand
    • Micro and macro belt adjustments allow each paddler to customize the placement of the buckles for convenience, optimal fit and enhanced comfort
    • accommodates quick-release belt (sold separately)


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