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Ymir Fibreglass

Ymir Fibreglass

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The Ymir is a large rudder kayak making it easier to manoeuvre, this means that you can use your energy having fun on the water instead of combating the wind. The height at the front of the cockpit makes it more accessible for larger paddlers or for more layers in the colder months and the v-shaped hull and long waterline makes it a stable and fast Kayak. 


  • Two Bulkheads
  • Easy access dayhatch
  • Long waterline 
  • V-shaped hull.


  • Weight: 52.9lb (24kg)
  • Length: 18' (550cm)
  • Width: 22" (56cm)
  • Cockpit Dimensions: 30.7" X 15.7" X 15.7" (78cm X 40cm X 40cm)
  • Total Volume: 321L
  • Bulkhead: 60L
  • Cockpit: 150L
  • Day Hatch: 41L
  • Rear Bulkhead: 70L
  • Recommended  paddler weight: 176.3lb - 242.5lb (80kg. - 110kg)
  • Max loading weight: 264.5lb (120kg)

Ymir Kayaks are available in Carbon or Fibreglass.


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