54 inch 3D End Float Bag - Nylon

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54 inch 3D End Float Bag - Nylon

54 inch 3D End Float Bag - Nylon

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The Harmony 54 inch 3D End Float bag in nylon has all the features you're looking for in a 54 inch end bag. It has a 3D vertical nose, four isolated tie-in points, an inflation hose with a twist valve, and a rapid deflation dump valve. This nylon float bag has all the features of the 54 inch Vinyl End Bag but is lighter and more durable. A set of two bags is almost 1 lb. lighter than the vinyl bags and noticeably lighter than competitive bags.

• Tie-in points at the nose and corners for ease of securing

• Tie-ins are isolated from the air holding cell so that a tear out will be limited to the anchor

• Twist valve on the inflation hose ensures a positive seal

• High capacity dump valve for easy deflation

• Listed dimensions are for when the bag is inflated


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