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    Advanced Frame Convertible Elite SE Kayak With Pump Advanced Frame Convertible Elite SE Kayak With Pump

    Advanced Elements

    AE Advanced Frame Convertible Elite SE Kayak With Pump

    Shop the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Kayak with Pump at Western Canoe Kayak, your destination for versatile and durable kayaking gear. This elite kayak is perfect for both solo and tandem paddling adventures, offering easy setup and portability. …

  • Dagger Indra S/M (2024) Dagger Indra S/M (2024)


    Dagger Indra S/M (2024)

    Get the Indra SM/MD Creek Play Kayak at Western Canoe Kayak for a playful and exciting whitewater adventure. This lightweight kayak is built for agile maneuvering through tight river channels, giving you the stability and speed needed to tackle...

  • Dagger Indra M/L (2024) Dagger Indra M/L (2024)


    Dagger Indra M/L (2024)

    Shop the Indra MD/LG Creek Play Kayak at Western Canoe Kayak for a thrilling ride on your next whitewater adventure. Designed for dynamic river paddling, this kayak provides exceptional maneuverability and stability, ensuring you stay in control thro…

  • Wilderness iATAK 110 Wilderness iATAK 110
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    Wilderness Systems

    Wilderness iATAK 110

    The iATAK 110 Inflatable Fishing Kayak opens up new horizons for anglers and adventure seekers alike. Designed for ease and flexibility, this lightweight yet durable kayak can be set up in minutes, offering unparalleled access to waterways. Its...

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  • Jackson Flow Medium Jackson Flow Medium

    Jackson Kayak

    Jackson Flow Medium

    The Jackson Kayak Flow is a versatile river running creek boat designed for paddlers of all skill levels. It's engineered to offer a blend of confidence and sportiness, suitable for everything from beginning paddles to challenging Class V rapids. The…

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    Sportsman 120 - Ember Sportsman 120 - Ember

    Old Town

    Sportsman 120

    The Old Town Sportsman 120 paddle kayak was designed with the kayak angler in mind. Super stable, lots of room bow and stern; and, the 12 ft length paddles easy and tracks well.       Features Ultra-stable DoubleU Hull glides..…

    MSRP: C$2,149.00
    Was: C$2,149.00
    Now: C$1,649.00
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    Bay ST - Top | Western Canoeing & Kayaking Bay ST - Side | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

    Oru Kayak

    Bay ST

    A 28-pound boat the size of a large suitase, the Bay ST is less than half the weight of a traditional kayak. It’s compact enough to store in your trunk, closet, boat, or garage. You can even check it on a plane or hike into remote waters with t…

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    Inlet -Top | Western Canoeing & Kayaking Inlet -Top | Western Canoeing & Kayaking
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    Oru Kayak


    At 20 pounds, you can store the Inlet just about anywhere. It’s compact enough to stash in your trunk, closet, boat or garage, and lightweight enough to bring with you everywhere. You can check it on a plane or hike into remote waters with the.…

    MSRP: C$1,099.00
    Was: C$1,099.00
    Now: C$879.00
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    Eddyline Caribbean 12 FS  Yellow Eddyline Caribbean 12 FS  Seagrass/Silver


    Caribbean 12 FS

    Sit-On-Top Kayak Perfection Set out on a remarkable fishing journey with the Caribbean 12FS Sit-On-Top Kayak, meticulously crafted by Eddyline. This kayak stands out as a prime choice for anglers, offering an impeccable balance of stability and...

  • OldTown Sportsman BigWater EPDL Plus 132 Ember PropDown Top ePDL Drive Assembly

    Old Town

    Sportsman BigWater E-PDL 132

      Conquer the Water with the Old Town Sportsman BigWater PDL 132 Embark on epic fishing adventures and conquer the waterways with the Old Town Sportsman BigWater PDL 132. This exceptional watercraft is designed for anglers seeking a powerful and…

  • Catch 130 Hydryve II - Sandstone/Sable - Angle | Western Canoeing & Kayaking Catch 130 Hydryve II - Sandstone/Sable - Top | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

    Pelican Kayaks

    Catch 130 Hydryve II

    The CATCH 130 HYDRYVE II is a 12’6” rudder controlled fishing kayak that brings pedal drive technology within reach. Made of Pelican's patented RAM-X™ PREMIUM material, this fishing kayak is sturdy, light, and easy to move, so you..…

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    Sportsman BigWater PDL 132 - Ember - Angle - Pedal Drive | Western Canoeing & Kayaking Sportsman BigWater PDL 132 - Ember - Angle | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

    Old Town

    Sportsman BigWater PDL 132

    Get to your spot, then stay there without paddling, on the Old Town Sportsman BigWater PDL 132 pedal kayak. With instant forward and reverse, maneuverability and stability, you'll enjoy precise boat control while your hands remain free to fish. Our..…

    MSRP: C$4,049.00
    Was: C$4,049.00
    Now: C$3,999.00
  • Outlaw 11.5 | WCK Staff Pick Outlaw 11.5 - Grasshopper - Side | Western Canoeing & Kayaking


    Outlaw 11.5

    The Perception Outlaw 11.5 Kayak is celebrated for its expansive, open deck, large standing platform, and exceptionally high seating for the best fishing vantage. It's designed for versatility, accommodating small to XL paddlers, with features like a…

  • Dagger Rewind M (2024) Dagger Rewind M (2024)


    Dagger Rewind M (2024)

    Dagger is renowned for building boats that define their time and endure. The Rewind whitewater kayak, an award-winning model, is an instant classic that serves as the ultimate downriver playboat for paddlers of any skill level. It boasts exceptional.…

  • Dagger Code M (2024) Dagger Code M (2024)


    Dagger Code M (2024)

    The Code MD Creek Whitewater Kayak, available at Western Canoe Kayak, offers responsive control and dynamic paddling for your next whitewater adventure. Crafted with lightweight yet durable materials, this kayak provides exceptional maneuverability i…

  • Dagger Supernova (2024)


    Dagger Supernova (2024)

    Experience the thrill of whitewater adventures with the SuperNova River Play Kayak, available at Western Canoe Kayak. This high-performance kayak is perfect for river play, offering durability and maneuverability for all your whitewater escapades. Th…

  • Jackson Antix 2.0 - Small Jackson Antix 2.0 - Small

    Jackson Kayak

    Jackson Antix 2.0 - Small

    If you could choose just one kayak, yet still want access to every paddling style on various river types, the Antix 2.0 is the perfect choice. Featuring a redesigned full planing hull, the Antix 2.0 is now quicker, requires less effort to squirt, and…

  • Pescador Pro 12.0 | Moss Camo Pescador Pro 12.0 | Fossil Tan


    Pescador Pro 12.0

    Fun on the water - that's the perception story. So what about anglers looking for a performance-driven fishing kayak? Look no further than the Pescador Pro. Getting more of an overhaul than just a refresh of the beloved Pescador series, the Pesc…

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    Sportsman 136 AutoPilot - Photic Sportsman 136 AutoPilot - Ember

    Old Town

    Sportsman 136 Auto Pilot

    The Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136 motorized kayak has a hull designed to handle bigger water while leveraging Minn Kota's Spot-Lock technology. Motor to your fishing spot faster, then hold your position over the hole. Command the kayak with a touc…

    MSRP: C$6,499.00
    Was: C$6,499.00
    Now: C$5,899.00
  • Sportsman 106 MK - Ember Sportsman 106 MK - Ember

    Old Town

    Sportsman 106 MK

    The Old Town Sportsman 106 Powered by Minn Kota motorized kayak is simple and intuitive, getting you on the fish faster in a compact, low-profile kayak you can car top.   Features The 45 lb. thrust 12V saltwater-ready Minn Kota motor gets…

  • Whether you're a seasoned paddler or new to the water, our kayaks' selection covers every need. From lake paddling with our recreational kayaks to thrilling fishing adventures in our specialized fishing kayaks, find your perfect fit. Enjoy the ease of shopping online for top brands and exclusive deals. With our extensive range, including tandem, inflatable, and sit-on-top kayaks, plus all the essential accessories, your next water adventure awaits. Gear up with us and create unforgettable moments.

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    Blackfoot Angler 130 | WCK Staff Pick Blackfoot Angler 130
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    Blackfoot Angler 130

    A complete re-design of our well-loved technical angling kayak. Loaded with features and optimized to impress today’s most sophisticated anglers. If you spend your waking (and...

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    Chelan 120 | WCK Staff Pick Chelan 120
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    Chelan 120

    Chelan series sets the standard for performance touring inflatable boats. Newly re-designed, Chelan 120 raises the bar yet again. This boat is optimized for speed and paddling...

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    Hobie 12'6" SUP Board Bag


    Hobie 12'6" SUP Board Bag

    Shop the Hobie 12'6'' SUP Bag at Western Canoe Kayak for superior protection of your paddleboard. Made with rugged, reinforced materials, this bag shields your SUP from dings and scratches during...

    Hobie Mirage Compass Duo - Papaya Hobie Mirage Compass Duo - Seagrass


    Compass Duo

    The Mirage Compass Duo is powered by dual MirageDrives with Kick-Up Fins that retract on impact. Equipped with the MirageDrive 180 and a MirageDrive with Glide Technology, the Duo delivers a smooth...

    Rewind MD | WCK Staff Pick Rewind MD Cosmos Profile


    Rewind Medium

    Named “Best Whitewater Boat" - 2019 Paddling Magazine Industry Awards Dagger has a reputation of creating boats that not only define an era but stand the test of time; the all-new Rewind is an...

    MSRP: C$2,099.00
    Was: C$2,099.00
    Now: C$1,779.00
    Cultus Fiberglass 2pc Kayak Paddle | Western Canoe and Kayak Cultus Fiberglass 2pc Kayak Paddle | Western Canoe and Kayak


    Cultus Fiberglass 2pc Kayak Paddle

    The Cultus Fiberglass 4 Piece Kayak paddle is a perfect entry level paddle that can easily compete with the best on the market for quality and price. The fiberglass shaft and plastic blade will keep...

    Top Rated
    Salus Eddy Flex PFD | WCK Staff Pick Eddy Flex PFD - Navy | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

    Salus Marine

    Eddy Flex PFD

    Salus Marine's most popular vest, the Salus Eddy-Flex offers added contouring back foam, tapered shoulders, Dry-Lex back lining, pull-forward adjustments and an easy-grab zipper tab, making it a...

    C$126.65 - C$149.00