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AirVolution (Single)

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The Airvolution™ by Advanced Elements is a rigid high-pressure drop-stitch kayak unlike any other! The Airvolution™ is a streamlined high-performance kayak with paddling performance that rivals that…

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Product Details

AirVolution (Single) Description

The Airvolution™ by Advanced Elements is a rigid high-pressure drop-stitch kayak unlike any other! The Airvolution™ is a streamlined high-performance kayak with paddling performance that rivals that of a hard-shell kayak. Featuring an open deck design for ease of entry, the Airvolution™ uses extremely durable materials and features many high-end components such as a high-back comfortable seat, bungee deck lacing for gear stowage, and heavy-duty grab handles. Simply unfold, inflate and you’re ready for your next adventure!

Performance Details

    • Performance: High pressure drop-stitch air chambers provide a hull speed comparable to a hard-shell.
    • Quick Set Up: 2-air chamber design with pressure relief valves for proper inflation provide a fast set-up time.
    • Durable: Heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin material offers a smooth, hydrodynamic outer skin.
    • Style: Open deck design for ease of entry.
    • Portability: No roof rack needed! Pack in the trunk of your car or fly it to remote destinations.


    • Drop Stitch Air Chambers provide rigidity and Hull Chine for High Performance
    • Bungee deck lacing and d-rings for securing gear
    • Soft Grip Carry Handles
    • Supportive High-back Adjustable Seat
    • Below Deck Storage Compartments for small items
    • Backpack Roller Duffel for easy transport
    • Injection Molded Nose-Caps 
    • 2-way military valves and pressure relief valves
    • Cockpit splash guard
    • Drain-well collects water and allows for easy draining and cleaning

Included Accessories

    • Dual-Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge
    • Battery Operated Inflator for fast high-volume/low-pressure inflation. (Batteries not included)
    • Backpack Roller Duffel
    • Adjustable High-back Seats
    • Removable Tracking Fin
    • Adjustable Foot Brace
    • Repair Kit & Owner’s Manual


    • LENGTHS: 13’
    • WIDTHS: 33″ 
    • WEIGHTS: 39 LBS. (17.7 KG) 
    • PERSON/S: 1 
    • MAX. WEIGHTS: 300 LBS. (136 KG) 
    • CHAMBERS: 2
    • FOLDED SIZES: 34″ X 19″ X 11″ 
    • AE Model# AE3029

2 Reviews

  • First Kayak

    Posted by Frank Gigliotti on 2023 Jul 10th

    The AirVolution allows me to have a reasonably good kayak without needing a large storage area or kayak roof rack. The boat is very stable and I have had no issues in winds less than 20km/h. The ride gets a little bumpy but I never felt the boat would roll over. My outrigger paddling experience helped with getting started in kayaking. Good boat handling and water sense and some paddling principles apply to both. Inflating and deflating are easy but I recommend the purchase of a car-powered pump, especially one with two modes: one for low pressure and high volume to get most of the air in and one for higher pressure to complete the inflation. I inflate to 11 psi. The drop-stitch construction makes the boat feel very solid. It is not a hard-shell kayak but performs more like one that like a soft inflatable might. Setup and tear down are easy and straightforward but they do take a little time. I can carry the inflated boat on my shoulder but if you plan on carrying a long distance, I recommend a kayak dolly. In summary, this is a good kayak for flat water lake paddling where there could be light winds. I think a new kayak paddler would do well in this boat. It is not fast but is stable and tracks well (with the skeg in place). An intermediate or advanced kayaker, more interested in performance, would probably be happier with a narrower, longer hard-shell kayak. I don't plan to use the AirVolution in the ocean or in any whitewater.

  • Airvolution (single)

    Posted by Rose Marie Rodden on 2023 Jun 15th

    The Airvolution is the first kayak I have ever had. Having said that I am very happy with how easy the boat is to transport, inflate and paddle. It looks good too. The bag is an ample size to getting the kayak folded up and back into the bag is easy and the wheels make it easy to move. However the wheels seem to be on the wrong side in relation to where the handles are. I am very happy with my kayak. The ease of handling the boat as well as it's good looks have exceeded

AirVolution (Single)