Atlantis - 275 Floating Hand Held VHF Radio


Uniden Atlantis 275 Handheld Two-Way VHF floating marine radio night mode

Atlantis - 275 Floating Hand Held VHF Radio

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With the Atlantis 275 marine radio, you can experience a smooth connection to the wide seas. It was designed with you, the committed mariner, in mind and is an indispensable travel companion.

Experience the freedom of constant conversation. Atlantis 275 provides dependable and clear communication because to its robust VHF, GMRS, and FRS abilities. Enhance your sailing experience and your safety by connecting with anybody, wherever on the ocean.

The gadget's small size and light weight make it ideal for people who value simplicity and mobility. The world is your oyster—slip it in your pocket, dangle it from your belt, or fasten it to your gear!




Width 2.44" (62mm)
Height (without Antenna) 5.35" (136mm)
Depth 1.53" (39mm)
Weight (with Battery and Antenna) 8.46oz (240g
Power Source Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery 7.4V DC 1200 mAh
Power Output 1.0W & 2.5W & 6W
Frequency Control Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synthesizer
Frequency Range 156.05~161.60 MHz
Operating Temperature -4°F (-20°C) to 131°F (55°C)
Antenna Flexible Whip
Audio Output Power 0.7 W @10% THD
Audio Frequency Response +5.5 dB @ 500 Hz; -6.5 dB @ 2000Hz
Receiver Type Direct Conversion Super Heterodyne Phase Locked Loop system for Local Oscillator
Squelch Sensitivity Threshold 0.2μV
Speaker 8Ω 1 Watt
Receiver Sensitivity 0.20 μV for 12dB SINAD


Are you sick of straining your eyes to see tiny, fuzzy screens? The Atlantis 275 has a large LCD screen that is backlit and promises to be very easy to read. Even in low light, navigate menus, read messages, and observe signals with the finest clarity.

Feel assured no matter the weather. The Atlantis 275 is built to endure the most trying sea conditions. With a waterproof construction that keeps it operational even after 30 minutes submerged in water, it is a champion of toughness. Your communication is unaffected by rain, waves, or unintentional dives.

With the Power Boost key, you can quickly extend your battery life. With just one touch, you may increase your speak time and make sure your voice is heard when it counts. It's a lifeline rather than just a radio.

Enjoy your life knowing that the Atlantis 275 is equipped with safety measures. While the Weather Alert Watch mode keeps you informed of rapidly changing weather conditions, the Triple Watch PlusTM warns you of impending danger. Your safety is of utmost importance, therefore be ready and quick to act.

The Atlantis 275 is your dependable companion whether you're a seasoned sailor, a fishing enthusiast, or a fan of maritime sports. It's more than just a gadget; it's your pass to a trip that is secure, fun, and stress-free.

Are you prepared for the pinnacle of marine communication? Get hold of the Atlantis 275 maritime radio right away. Keep yourself safe, keep in touch, and appreciate the water like never before. Order right away to experience the difference, don't wait!


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