4 Essentials to Improve Your Kayak Adventure

2022 Nov 11th

The foundational element to any water adventure is undoubtedly your kayak or canoe – you wouldn’t get far in the water without one. However, once you have purchased or rented your transportation from Western Canoe Kayak, there are several key ingredients to include that will enhance your safety, fun, and overall experience. Contact us today to get advice and guidance on choosing equipment for your specific trip or start shopping online today to choose from our outstanding selection. As you read, our expert team will highlight some of the best add-ons to make your excursion an unforgettable success.

Water Sprayskirts

Regardless of the longevity of your journey or your final destination, it’s crucial that you and the interior of your canoe or kayak remain dry. No matter if you are traversing rigorous whitewater or leisurely floating in the open water, there are always opportunities for water to find its way into your vessel. To help prevent this, we always recommend you use a sprayskirt for your expedition. We have all of the top brands at affordable prices that provide optimal protection from water entering your kayak. Not only will this keep you and your belongings dry but it will prevent wear and tear from water that can increase the lifespan of your kayak as well.

Paddle Leashes

Accidents happen from time to time. However, one of the worst case scenarios is dropping or losing your paddle and being left up you-know-what’s creek without a paddle. A paddle leash is the perfect safeguard against this unfortunate event and will make sure that no matter the situation, you are able to retrieve your kayak or canoe paddle without having to leave your vessel or wonder where it went. At Western Canoe Kayak, we offer various styles and brands of paddle leashes ranging in price to fit your needs and budget.

Fishing Gear

Canoes and kayaks afford you the opportunity to explore bodies of water that may be rich with unique and catchable fish. One awesome way to turn your adventure into a fishing trip is by bringing fishing equipment on your journey. From attachable rod holders and deck mounts to knives and anchor trolleys, our online store has all of the essentials for creating a successful fishing boat out of your kayak or canoe.


One of the most vital elements on any kayaking or canoeing adventure is having the proper attire for changing weather and cold water. Western Canoe Kayak has myriad options for footwear, wetsuits, tops, bottoms, and headgear to keep you prepared and protected from mother nature. We have men’s and women’s apparel that is waterproof, windproof, and warm that is easy to pack, put on, and take off in your canoe or kayak. Shop by brand or type of apparel to find everything you may need to wear on or off the water.

Our main mission is to help you find the best gear at the most reasonable price, and we like to make your buying experience fun as well as knowledgeable. Whether you’re just getting into paddling or have been paddling your whole life, our staff at Western Canoe Kayak have the expertise to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us today to speak with a member of our team for more information or suggestions on everything you may need on your next adventure. Happy paddling!