All About the Throwbag: A Water Safety Essential!

All About the Throwbag: A Water Safety Essential!

Posted by Paddle Pioneer on 2023 Oct 31st

Ever wondered why you need that little bag of rope, that is often attached to your canoe or kayak? It's a Throwbag.

What is it? 

A throwbag contains a buoyant rope stuffed inside, designed for water rescue operations. 


Why is it important? 

  1. Swift Rescues: Enables quick assistance to someone in distress without entering the water. 
  2. Distance Coverage: Can reach a person far from the rescuer, extending the range of help. 
  3. Safety First: Keeps rescuers safe by avoiding direct exposure to potential hazards. 
  4. It's required by Transport Canada for all vessels including canoes and kayaks 


Features to Look For: 

  • Buoyant, floating line. 
  • Reflective strips for low-light visibility. 
  • Compact and easy-to-carry design. 


Pro Tip: Regularly practice throwing your bag to improve accuracy and speed in an emergency! 


Stay safe and informed, and always prioritize safety when near or on the water!