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Boater Essential Kit

Boat Essentials Kit

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Boat Essentials Kit by Fox 40

Embark on your nautical adventures with peace of mind with the Boat Essentials Kit by Fox 40. Packed with safety boat gear, it's the ultimate collection of nautical safety equipment for water lovers. This survival kit features vital items, including a personal flotation device, making it indispensable for any canoeing, kayaking, or boating experience. With the Fox 40 Boat Essentials Kit, safety on the water has never been so comprehensive.


Boat Safety Simplified: Fox 40 Kit

The Boat Essentials Kit is a basic kit for any personal watercraft, designed to help bring a boat, canoe or kayak up to minimum regulations



  • Contents fit into orange waterproof
    screw-top container

  • Container also acts as a bailer bucket

  • Complies with Coast Guard
    equipment requirements

  • Storage friendly

Note: Flashlight batteries not included. (takes 2 AA Batteries)


Fox 40: 7910-0200


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