Cataract Oar Magnum Blade 7"


Cataract Oar Magnum Blade 7" | Western Canoe Kayak

Cataract Oar Magnum Blade 7"

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The most popular Cataract oar blade, the 7" Magnum features a high-grade urethane body molded around a stiff composite core. And it floats!


    • The spline that goes inside the oar shaft is grooved to prevent silt build-up that can make it difficult to remove the blade.
    • The 7" wide blade moves a lot of water per stroke.
    • The ribbed surface adds strength and reduces blade flutter.
    • Push button locks the 1 5/8" diameter shank of the blade in Cataract, Carlisle and Sawyer 1 7/8" OD oar shafts.
    • Lightweight composite core
    • Buoyant


    • Weight: 2.8 lbs
    • Blade Material: High-density polyurethane with a composite core
    • Blade size: 7" W x 27" L




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