Vanguard 12.0


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Dagger Vanguard 12.0 Racing Kayaks Red

Vanguard 12.0

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Dagger Vanguard 120: Nature's Preferred Kayak

Utilise the Dagger Vanguard 120 Kayak to experience the exhilaration of the boundless seas. This stylish kayak is your passport to the unexplored rivers and peaceful coves you've only ever dreamed of. It was created for the daring explorer and the adventurous spirit. Its cutting-edge design and unmatched performance provide greater stability and effortless navigation, making it a great option for both novice and seasoned paddlers. This kayak is more than simply a vessel; it's a ticket to uncharted territory.


Designed for Performance, Built for Comfort

Experience the Dagger Vanguard 120 Kayak's seamless fusion of comfort and functionality. With its precisely crafted ergonomic seats and movable footrests, you may paddle for hours in comfort. The kayak's robust hull design offers the best speed and manoeuvrability and adapts to a variety of water conditions. The Vanguard 120 is a dedication to comfort and quality that goes beyond just a kayak.


Harmony with Nature, Secured by Safety

The Dagger Vanguard 120 Kayak's main values are protection of human life and the environment. Its environmentally friendly components demonstrate our dedication to sustainable practises, and its cutting-edge safety features, such as a robust shell and safety belts, guarantee that you may go out on your excursions with confidence. The Vanguard 120 is more than simply a kayak; it is evidence of our commitment to a safer and greener world.


Specifications (Dagger Vanguard 12.0):

LENGTH: 12' / 366 CM
WIDTH: 25" / 63.5 CM
BOAT WEIGHT: 60.5 LBS. / 27 KG
DECK HEIGHT: 15" / 38 CM
VOLUME: 104 GAL / 393 L
PADDLER WEIGHT: 120 - 280 LBS. / 54 - 127 KG



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