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Delta 17 w/Skeg

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The Delta 17 is an excellent choice for paddlers looking to cruise on lakes, paddle extended trips or have fun in ocean swells. The Delta 17 is a veritable champion in the surf and delivers its abilities with speed and grace. Its v-shaped hull, pronounced chine and moderate rocker offer paddlers a smooth transition to edge and impressive tracking. It features our Press-Lock hatch system, multi-position Contour II Seat System, front deck Day-Pod, dual-density soft grip handles and innovative bungee risers.


All kayak models in our Performance Touring category come with the option of our Spring Loaded Skeg System. Our skeg system is simple to deploy and features a kink-free operation. The skeg line is housed in a tube and tucked away under-deck so it reduces the chance of snagging when loading and unloading gear. As a note, a skeg can be deployed at different increments so the paddler can determine the amount of aid in tracking needed. A skeg does not move side to side so it will not aid in steering the boat. If you would like a steering aid, you can request a rudder as an option.



    • Length: 17' | 5.18 m
    • Width: 22.5″ | 57.15 cm
    • Depth: 13″ | 33.02 cm
    • Weight: 50 lbs | 22.6 kg
    • Cockpit Opening: 17″ x 32″ | 43.28cm x 81.28cm
    • Cockpit Volume: 47 Gal | 179 L
    • Day Hatch: 1.8 gal | 7 L
    • Bow Dry Storage: 26 Gal | 100L
    • Stern Dry Storage: 42 Gal | 158 L
    • Max Capacity: 410 lbs | 186 kg
    • Rudder: standard
    • Skeg: yes


    • Dual Density Grab Handles: Ergonomic & easy on the hands
    • Paddle Park: Convenient system allows paddler to secure paddle blade while rehydrating, taking a picture or having lunch.
    • Press-Lock Hatch System: Innovative, colour matched, hard-shell covers provide a secure seal with easy on and off convenience
    • Day Pod: Accessible, low profile and out of the way, it’s perfectly placed to store essentials you may need to easily access during your paddle. Note: Electronics should be stored in a waterproof case or bag
    • Contour II Seat System: Provides excellent back support at multi-positions with quick adjustment and optimal comfort in a user-friendly design
    • Bulkheads (in cockpit, behind seat): Curved to add strength and rigidity, with a built-in accordion hinge to allow for give when under stress
    • Recessed Bungle Lines: Bungee cords are recessed for a clean, no-snag deck making re-entry a breeze
    • Paddle Float Rescue System: Raised lines and scalloped deck make paddle float re-entry a breeze
    • Rear Hatch: Large, accessible hatches make loading and unloading your gear easy
    • Stern Spare Paddle Park: Raised bungee lines make it easy to secure and access spare paddle.
    • Dual Density Grab Handles
    • Delta Rudder System: Proprietary, Lightweight aluminium rudder helps keep you on-course in all conditions


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