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Ensure Top Performance with DXLX Jaw

The DXLX Jaw Only is a high-quality replacement part essential for the maintenance and performance of your kayak or canoe. Crafted for durability and reliability, it's a perfect fit for your DXLX series equipment. This sturdy boat accessory ensures your water sports adventures remain uninterrupted and safe. Whether you're upgrading or repairing, the DXLX Jaw Only stands as a testament to high performance and resilience in canoeing gear.

DXLX Jaw Only for Maintenance"

The surfboard and paddleboard  lock attaches to your leash plug or cleat for fin track. Use multiple jaws to lock multiple surfboards with one cable.

Made of Stainless steel, and it swivels so it wont hurt your surfboard or stand up paddleboard.


Docks Locks: #302


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