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EVO Side Mount Control

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ePropulsion has officially released their first side mount control. Now, when you configure your ePropulsion electric drive system, you have the option to choose between the top mount and the side mount control, depending on your preference and boat layout. Intelligent Side Mount Control with 4.3″ independent display monitoring real-time motor/battery status, for Spirit/Navy/Pod Evo models. The side mount control consists of a throttle, display panel, and two communication cables. It’s 100% electric, so the installation is easier than a traditional mechanical control. To install, you just connect the display and the throttle with the motor – that’s it! This system is compatible with all ePropulsion motors including Spirit 1.0R, Navy 3.0, Navy 6.0, Pod Drive 1.0 and Pod Drive 3.0. With a quick setting to swap directions of forward and reverse, it could be installed on either starboard side or port side. Additionally, both the display panel and the throttle can be mounted from the front side and the backside. This feature is quite unique and is currently only possible with ePropulsion side mount control.

Product No.: NE-SM00-00


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