Spirit 1.0 Plus Short Shaft Motor Only


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Spirit 1.0 Plus Short Shaft Motor Only

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Go Electric with the Spirit 1.0 Plus! Industry-leading performance reliability and noise control are what truly sets the Spirit Plus apart from the competition. 


Spirit 1.0 Plus has an incredible efficiency up to 55%. Its 1 kW motor could deliver the propulsive power equivalent to a 3 HP petrol engine.


Normally without an external fuel tank, a portable outboard in the range of 2.5 HP to 5 HP, has a run time of less than 45 min. Spirit 1.0 Plus pushes the running time limit of a 3 HP outboard and has an overwhelming superiority with 50% more runtime.

Battery - Sold Separately

The 48V operating voltage allows Spirit 1.0 Plus to work with an external battery to extend the range. With the ePropulsion original E-Series LiFePO4 batteries, you will be free from range anxiety.



Power 1 kW (3HP equivalent)
Input Voltage 39V – 60V
Standard Battery Spirit Battery Plus, 1276 Wh li-ion polymer
Motor Weight* 10.6 kg / 23.4 lbs
Charing Time Standard charger: 8.5 Hrs Fast charger: 3.5 Hrs
External Battery Yes, and E-Series Battery recommended
Propeller 11″ × 5.8″ 2-blade composite propeller
Trim / Tilt Angle 0°, 7°, 14°, 21° / 70°
Shaft Length Extra Short, Short, Long
Motor Brushless DC motor
Direct Drive Yes
Maintenance-Free Yes

Spirit 1.0 EVO Shaft Length Chart




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