Outrigger Economy Paddle UNCUT 46"-54"

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Outrigger Economy Paddle Uncut - Full Paddle | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

Outrigger Economy Paddle UNCUT 46"-54"

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Grey Owl's Economy 10: Simplicity Reimagined"

Welcome to the Economy 10, Grey Owl's response to reasonably priced, excellent kayaking. This paddle strikes an unwavering balance between price and usability. The lightweight construction and straightforward shape of the paddle allow simple movement over any water surface.


A Craftsmanship Marvel

The Economy 10 paddle by Grey Owl is a fine example of workmanship, fusing sturdy components with a practical layout. While the smart design encourages pleasant, fatigue-free paddling throughout your trips, its robustness guarantees longevity.


Enhancing Your Kayaking Experience

More than simply a paddle, the Economy 10 is a manifestation of your enthusiasm for kayaking. It provides for fine control and easy manoeuvrability and is designed to improve your paddling performance. Regardless of your level of competence, this paddle offers a doorway to an upgraded kayaking experience.


Grip: oiled maple barrel grip or upgrade to a varnished maple D-Grip

Shaft: 8 ply laminated basswood, oval 1 ¼” x 1 116”, 10° angle

Blade: 7 ply laminated ash and basswood

Blade Cross Section Style: cambered

Tip Material & Style: casting epoxy, straight

Finish: high gloss exterior polyurethane with UV block

Overall Length: 46” 48” 50” 52” 54”
Shaft Length: 26 ½” 28 ½” 30 ½” 32 ½” 34 ½”
Blade Length: 19 ½” 19 ½” 19 ½” 19 ½” 19 ½”
Blade Width: 9” 9” 9” 9” 9”
Blade Area (sq in): 105 105 105 105 105

Average Weight: 22oz


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