H-Rail Bolt On Kit for 2019+ Outback


H-Rail Bolt On Kit for 2019+ Outback | Western Canoe and Kayak

H-Rail Bolt On Kit for 2019+ Outback

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The H-Rail Bolt On Kit allows you to add two long, raised sections of H-Rail alongside the seat of your 2019 or newer Hobie Outback. These longer, raised sections of H-Rail serve as a great assist when moving to and from a standing position and yield tons of extra H-Rail mounting space. The upgrade is a simple no-drill installation, requiring only a Phillips screwdriver. Each rail is 26 inches long and is designed with a slight curvature to match the outline of your kayak, maximizing space in the seating area.


  • Easy installation; no drilling required
  • Provides 26 in/66 cm of additional H-Rail per side
  • Assists in moving from seated to standing position
  • Leaves steering handles unobstructed
  • Curved rails maximize space in the seating area


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