Hatzic Hybrid SUP / Kayak Paddle


Hatzic Hybrid SUP / Kayak Paddle | Western Canoe and Kayak

Hatzic Hybrid SUP / Kayak Paddle

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If you enjoy switching between paddling your kayak and paddling your SUP, then this is the perfect paddle for you! The Blackwater Hatzic Hybrid is the all-in-one paddle made for your convenience. The Hatzic Hybrid is a single bladed, adjustable SUP Paddle with an additional shaft and blade to convert it into a double bladed kayak paddle.
This paddle pairs perfectly with the Blackwater CrossTour Wood 12’6 x 34 SUP.



    • Fiberglass shaft
    • Nylon blade
    • Additional shaft + blade for SUP to Kayak paddle conversion
    • Adjustable shaft 70-83 cm
    • Colour: Black
    • Compact breakdown for easy transport



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