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Lock All Combo Lock

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Lock-All Combo: Outdoor Gear Protector

Protect your outdoor gear with our Lock-All Combo Lock. An essential piece of kayaking equipment, this anti-theft device offers unparalleled security. Made to withstand the elements, the rust-resistant nature of the Lock-All makes it perfect for marine environments. Its portability and durability ensure your belongings stay safe during your water sports adventures. Trust the Lock-All Combo Lock to be a reliable safeguard for your adventure gear.


Your Reliable Water Sports Security

The most versatile cable lock on the market.

The new Lasso Master LOCK-ALL is a unique and versatile locking device that allows you to secure quickly and easily all the things you couldn’t lock before.

The LOCK-ALL utilizes a vinyl-coated galvanized steel cable with hardened die-cast zinc attachment multipliers that won’t rust and are corrosion resistant for years of continuous trouble free use. The new customizable Barrel Lock allows you to set whatever four-digit combination you choose.

The LOCK-ALL requires a very small opening (less than 3/4”) in order to lock your gear to any stationary object like a tree, u-bolt, truck cleat, sign post, door handle, park bench, BBQ or any other available anchor point. Then, rest assured, your valuable items will be there when you return.


  • Weight 2 lbs
  • Galvanized steel aircraft cable vinyl coated to 3/8''
  • Overall length is roughly 8'
  • Max Loop size is approximately  8'
  • Has re-settable combination code that you choose

Model: LA8000


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