Stainless Steel Fish Rod Holder Mounted Kayak/SUP Rack 12.3"


Stainless Steel Fish Rod Holder Mounted Kayak/SUP Rack 12.3"

Stainless Steel Fish Rod Holder Mounted Kayak/SUP Rack 12.3"

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Comfort and Convenience: Easy Kayak Storage

Elevate your fishing experience with our Fish Rod Holder Mounted SUP/Kayak Rack. Designed to provide secure storage for your kayaks or SUPs, this rack is a space-saving solution for your marine equipment. The high-capacity rack is crafted from corrosion-resistant material, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its multipurpose design also accommodates fishing gear, making it a versatile addition to your outdoor adventure essentials. Trust Magma Products for superior fishing gear storage solutions.


Secure Your Gear: SUP/Kayak Rack

An easy and safe method to store your kayaks or SUPs is with our Fish Rod Holder Mounted SUP/Kayak Rack. The adjustable design makes it possible to store different kinds of water sports gear, keeping everything secure, organised, and simple to find.


Durability and Reliability: Made to Last

This sturdy kayak rack is made of corrosion-resistant material, withstands the elements, and is ideal for all of your maritime adventures. Because of its durable construction, your rack will be dependable for many fishing and boating seasons.


Versatility and Capacity: More than Just a Rack

This rack, which can hold a lot and is functional, is not just for kayaks and SUPs. It is a must for boat fishing because it can also store fishing rods. Make the most of your space and put all of your equipment in one handy, accessible spot with Magma Products.


Convenience and Efficiency: Fish Rod Storage

No more tripping over your kayak or paddleboard when stored on the deck or lugging them around after a long day on the water. With Magma’s Fish Rod Holder Mounted Removable Kayak / SUP Rack your problems are solved. This convenient storage rack, easily attaches to most standard fish rod holders, has been constructed from 1” Dia., 304 marine grade Stainless Steel tubing, aircraft quality hard anodized 356 aluminum, and includes stainless steel attachment fasteners. Designed to fit most standard fish rod holders up to 1-1/2” (38mm) inside diameter and is wide enough to fit all of the most popular kayak or board sizes. Magma’s patented LeveLock® all-angle adjustable mounting bracket and the Pow’rGrip adjustable quick release rod holder system allows each arm to be instantly installed and adjusted without tools. Each arm comes with pre-installed UV resistant padding and has two tie-down attachment points for securing straps when underway or simply use them with a cable lock to safely store your toys when at the dock. Whether you’re new to water sports or a seasoned veteran, this rack is a must have for the paddling enthusiast who’s always on the go.



    • (2) Stainless Steel tie-down points on each arm to secure the kayak or SUP to the rack
    • Mirror Polished Marine Grade Stainless Steel: Constructed entirely of 100% 18-8 mirror polished, marine grade stainless steel to withstand the harshest marine environment.
    • Pow'r Grip: Instantly locks into any angle standard fish rod holder with Magma’s Pow’rGrip Technology.



Width: Optional Distance
Height: 26.84" (681.8 mm) w/out mount
Weight: 12.40 lb (5.63 kg)



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