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Mohawk 8 Straight Aluminum Canoe Paddle

Aluminum Canoe Paddle

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Upgrade Your Gear with Mohawk Aluminum Canoe Paddle

The Mohawk Aluminum Straight Canoe Paddle is the gold standard in reliable and high-performance canoeing gear. Lightweight yet durable, this paddle offers superior control, making it ideal for both recreational and professional use. Thanks to its corrosion-resistant aluminum composition, it is built to last, ensuring countless hours of efficient paddling in any water condition. Embrace the outdoors with this premium paddle from Western Canoe & Kayak, where quality meets comfort and strength.


Exceptional Quality and Performance

The Mohawk 8' Straight Canoe Paddle offers a perfect harmony of power and dexterity. With our high-performance paddle, you can paddle effectively, which means you'll be less tired and able to spend more time enjoying your canoeing journey.


Supreme Comfort and Ease

With an ergonomic handle that was created with your comfort in mind, this paddle makes paddling both comfortable and effective. You may spend more time admiring your surroundings because of the lightweight design's ease of handling.


Durability and Longevity

The durability of our Mohawk Paddle has stood the test of time. This durable paddle is made to withstand even the worst water conditions thanks to its sturdy, water-resistant construction. Put your faith in the Mohawk quality to lead you on your outdoor explorations.


Lightweight Yet Durable Canoe Paddle

The Mohawk Canoe Paddle is made of an anodized aluminium shaft, high impact plastic blade, and grip. It offers economical pricing, performance, durability, and requires little maintenance. The 8" x 20" Mohawk paddle comes with a "T" or pear-shaped grip. For the majority of hands, a shaft diameter of 1-1/8" is the most comfortable. The issue of aluminium oxide "rub off" and chilly hands in cold weather is resolved with a plastic shaft grip. The 8" wide paddle is thin and lightweight (a 54" paddle weighs around 28 oz and floats in the water horizontally).


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