NAVY 6.0 Evo Longshaft Motor


NAVY 6.0 Evo Longshaft Motor | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

NAVY 6.0 Evo Longshaft Motor

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Navy Series is the backbone of ePropulsion electric outboard motors. It provides efficient and clean power for aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, daysailers and cruising sailboats, suitable for saltwater and freshwater. Thanks to the direct-drive technology, the Navy electric outboard boat motor is quiet, maintenance-free, and reliable.

Compatible with Evo Top Mount Control, Evo Side Mount Control, Dual Controller, and Evo Tiller controls.

Motor only. Battery sold separately.


  • Digital Display: Offers real-time monitoring of the power, remaining runtime, battery level, voltage, etc.
  • Magnetic Kill Switch: Works as an emergency stop key for ePropulsion electric outboards. Keeps you safe on the boat.
  • Electric Start: Press the button and you’re ready to go. Saves your trouble pulling the cord to start.
  • Smooth Throttle Changing: Designed with excellent throttle response and clear throttle hand feel.
  • Adjustable Max Power Output: Adjustable full throttle power makes the ePropulsion electric boat motors kids-friendly and suitable for rental boats.
  • Left-handed Friendly: You are free to set either clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation to provide forward propulsion.



  • Power: 6 kW (9.9HP equivalent)
  • Input Voltage: 39 V - 60 V
  • Recommended Battery: ePropulsion E-Series Battery
  • Motor Weight*: 36 kg / 79.4 lbs
  • Propeller: 12.6″ × 10.8″ 3-blade composite propeller / 13.4″ × 8.5″ 3-blade composite propeller / 12.6″ × 8.7″ 3-blade aluminum propeller (optional)
  • Trim/Tilt Angle: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15° / 60°
  • Shaft Length: Long
  • Control: Evo Tiller / Evo Top Mount Control / Evo Side Mount Control / Evo Dual Remote Control
  • Hydrogeneration: Yes
  • Motor: Brushless Dc Motor
  • Direct Drive: Yes 
  • Maintenance-Free: Yes 

*Motor Weight is measured with short model


Navy Shaft Length chart

ePropulsion Navy Range chart



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